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Municipal Court Judge: Honorable Frank P Leanza

Municipal Prosecutor: Maryann McCoy 
Phone 973.998.9900
Fax 973.998.9898

Court Administrator: Jan Simonetti CMCA
Phone 908-876-3852
FAX    908-876-0058

Deputy Court Administrator: Leslie Strozeski

This Washington Township Municipal Court is located in Morris County. There are six other Washington Township's in New Jersey. Two are located in Warren County (Boro and Township). Bergen, Burlington, Gloucester and Mercer counties each have a Washington in them. For information on the other courts, see below.

* One Monday a month, from April to December, Court hours are extended to 7:00 PM. The following Friday, Court hours are shortened, and the Court closes at 12:30 PM. The Court is closed on most holidays (see Schedule).

 Payments are accepted until 3:45 PM. Any payment made after 3:45 PM will be entered into the Administrative Office of the Court's System on the following work morning.  The court accepts credit card payments (Visa/Mastercard/Discover) for traffic and criminal payments. 

 The Municipal Court does not issue Temporary Restraining Orders, To obtain one, you must contact the Washington Township Police Department at 908-876-3232 or in an Emergency dial 911.


Mandatory Court Appearances

 If you were issued a summons, and the officer checked either the Court Appearance Required box, or the Personal Injury box on the lower left of the summons, you must appear in Court on the scheduled date. Additionally, certain violations are “non payable” and require an appearance in Court. For more information, refer to the payable summons page.



 If you intend to plead Not Guilty to a summons or complaint you must notify the Court at least seven (7) days in advance of the court date. The court date is located near the bottom of the summons (Notice To Appear). You may plead Not Guilty by calling the Court. After office hours you MUST supply the following in your answering machine message:

  • Summons or Complaint Number
  • Any change in address from the one listed on the Summons or Complaint.

You are also advised that failure to notify the Division of Motor Vehicles of any address change is a violation of the Motor Vehicle Statutes of the State of New Jersey (Title 39) and may hamper your efforts to resolve your case. Additionally, further penalties may result if payments are not received on time.



 Postponements are not granted after 3:30 PM on the Friday before a court date.

We will accept "letters of representation" by fax from an attorney up to two hours before court. In matters where the defendant has had a first appearance before the court, without an attorney, and who hires an attorney the day of trial court, will have their case postponed until the trial date.


Representing Yourself

 If you are thinking about representing yourself in court please read the section on Thinking About Representing Yourself. If you have been to Court and would like to appeal a decision of this Court please go to Appeal (a pdf document), print the forms and following the directions.


To visit the New Jersey Judiciary Web Site go to


Court Name
Fax Number
Washington Boro Municipal Court
Washington Boro
Washington Township Municipal Court
Washington Township
Washington Township Municipal Court
Egg Harbor
Washington Township Municipal Court
Sewell & Turnersville
Washington Township Municipal Court
Central Warren Municipal Court
Washington Township


Municipal Court Info

43 Schooley's Mountain Road
Long Valley, NJ 07853

Phone: 908-876-3852
Fax: 908-876-0058

Business Hours for the Municipal Court:

Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

June – August Hours
Monday to Thursday, 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM*

Court Hours are extended one Monday a month and shortened the following Friday.
*See the Schedule for more information.