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            PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that by Resolution No.  R-131-17, the Township of Washington (County of Morris) has determined to consider the issuance of a new plenary retail consumption license by public sale to the highest qualified bidder and invites bids therefor.  The bids will be opened on September 18, 2017, at 7:00 p.m. at the Washington Township Municipal Building, 43 Schooley’s Mountain Road, Long Valley, Morris County, New Jersey.  The minimum acceptable bid is $190,000 and the Township reserves the right to reject all bids where the highest bid is not accepted.

            The new plenary retail consumption license must be used in connection with a restaurant use.

            Bids shall be accepted only from those bidders who qualify to have an interest in a retail alcoholic license under the standards set forth in the Alcoholic Beverage Control Act, and Rules and Regulations promulgated thereunder, and any applicable municipal ABC ordinance.  Interested bidders may obtain copies of the forms necessary to qualify to be a bidder from the Township Clerk.  All prospective bidders must submit a full and complete ABC license application form; a separately sealed envelope with the applicant’s bid and bid deposit; and a separate certificate of proof of compliance by the applicant that it meets any and all special conditions or requirements contained in this Notice and knows of no reason why he or she would be disqualified from having an interest in a retail license in New Jersey.  All prospective bidders must be determined to be a qualified bidder no later than September 13, 2017, in order to have their bids considered.  All bids shall be sealed.

            Applications, bid, and associated materials shall be accepted until Noon, 12:00 p.m. on September 7, 2017, at the Washington Township Municipal Building, 43 Schooley’s Mountain Road, Long Valley, Morris County, New Jersey.  No bids shall be accepted after this time.  Bids of applicants who do not preliminarily qualify or who have not submitted proof of qualification will be returned unopened.  On September 13, 2017, at 7:30 p.m., the Township Clerk shall publicly announce those applicants who preliminarily meet the qualifications for bidding as fixed by law, applicable Rules and Regulations and the Resolution.  On September 18, 2017, at 7:00 p.m., the sealed bids of the preliminarily qualified bidders shall be opened and all bid amounts and the highest bid amount will be disclosed.

            All bids must contain a deposit in the form of a certified check payable to the Township of Washington for 20% of the bid price.  By resolution of the Township Committee, the highest, preliminarily qualified bidder will be accepted, and the license will issue subject to 1) the payment, within 72 hours of the adoption of said resolution, of the balance of the bid amount to the Township by cash or certified check, which moneys shall be kept in an interest-bearing account with interest payable to the Township, until such time as the person-to-person licensing process is complete and 2) completion of the application process.  (Completion of said process includes payment of the State application fee, the annual municipal retail license fee; satisfactory outcome of further municipal background checks to investigate the source of funds used to purchase the license, the receipt of favorable State and/or Federal criminal background checks; as well as compliance with the publication, hearing and resolution requirements under N.J.A.C. 13:2-2.1, et seq.)

            A new license must be issued within six months after the closing date established for acceptance of applications and must be in use within two years of the award of the license.  If the applicant defaults or otherwise breaches its promise to purchase, then all moneys held by the Township shall be paid to and become the property of the Township.

            The successful applicant must comply with all ordinances of Washington Township in siting the license.

            The sale may be postponed or canceled by the Township at any time prior to the opening of the bids, in which event, all bids shall be returned unopened.

                                                                        Nina DiGregorio, Township Clerk

                                                                        Township of Washington

                                                                        43 Schooley’s Mountain Road

                                                                        Long Valley, NJ 07853