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Restoral Information Received from JCP&L on 11/10 at 5:45 pm


If you do not have power and your street is not on the list, please call 888-LIGHTSS.


November 9, 2012 11:41 AM

Numerous crews from JCP&L are in Washington Township this morning. JCP&L removed the wires from Bartley Road last night and the road is now open. JCP&L also removed the wires from Naughright Road last night. The one wire that remains is a trunk line from Verizon. Verizon is aware of the downed wires and hopefully have it removed today so the road can be opened. Many residents, throughout the Township, have lost connection with their Verizon land lines as well as internet service. Verizon is aware of this issue.

The last update referred to several areas of the Township that JCP&L crews were working. Many neighborhoods and streets were not mentioned. It was stated to me, by JCP&L, that as a certain area gains power many other homes will also regain their power. The DPW have spoken to crews throughout the Township and have made them aware of all of the areas that need restoration. Finally, it seems as though JCP&L has recognized our issues and is taking action. We will keep up the pressure through the Governor’s office and by working with Senator Bucco and Assemblyman Bucco. As many of you have already done, I would once again encourage you to reach out to your friends and neighbors who have not had their power restored.

Communications will continuethrough the Township website, Long Valley Patch, WRNJ radio (1510 AM), Obseerver Tribune website, Nixel, Twitter, and digital sign boards.

Ken Short, Mayor


November 8, 2012 11:37 PM

This evening I received the promised phone call from Mr. Jeff Elser (Director of External Affairs for First Energy).  My understanding is that he heard the frustration from Washington Township.  Our concerns were broadcasted on National Public Radio as well as New Jersey 101.5 FM radio according to local residents.  The Star Ledger, Daily Record and the Observer Tribune also carried negative stories about JCP&L and their lack of response. 

I asked Mr. Elser for the absolute truth as to power restoration in Washington Township.  This is the information he told me….There will be supervisory crews on Bartley Road and Naughright Road tonight analyzing the damages to provide for active work crews on Friday.  The Chester circuit #17540 serves Old Farmers Road School as well as the Middle School.  There will be crews working on that circuit tomorrow.  This will allow for power restoration to East Mill Rd and residents in the Capital Estates section of the Township.  These are considered as quarantine circuit which means the crews keep working until completion of power.  The WMRHS (circuit #17541) which runs off the Chester Sub-station, currently has crews working and will continue working throughout tomorrow.  These crews will be working the entire circuit.  This means that they will not stop at the High School, but continue beyond.  This, hopefully, will bring the Coleman Rd, Ridgeline, Chancellor Way, Bartley, Fairview Ave, Ranney Rd and Squires Rd to restoration of power.  The circuit that feeds Cuccinella School (circuit #17100) is a dual circuit that provides power from the Drakestown substation as well as the Newburgh Road substation.  The supervisory crew has been on site this evening accessing the damages.  Crews will muster at the Drakestown Sub-station tomorrow AM and work towards restoration of Cuccinella School on Friday.  The reopening of Naughright Road should happen on Friday.  Power will also probably be restored to the Nestling Pines Sub-division, Warwick Estates, Cambridge Estates, The Woods, as well as the Mission Road area.  

Please remember that these are statements from JCP&L that have not been accurate in the past.  This is the best information that I have available at this time and am relying totally on information provided by JCP&L.  There was also a conference call today which provided an update from JCP&L.  The JCP&L President Lynch made a statement that everyone will have full restoration of power by the end of the weekend with the exception of several “spot” outages.  I have also been advised that an additional 1200 workers have arrived in NJ and will be “in the field” on Friday.  In addition, I have also been advised that there is no shortage of parts, transformers or utility poles.

As I have learned, the information provided comes directly from JCP&L, and is not always correct.  Thank you for coming together as a community.  We will get through this crisis.

Ken Short, Mayor

November 8, 2012 at 4:15 pm

As I’m sure you are all aware, Washington Township was one of the most devastated municipalities as result of Hurricane Sandy. As I write this, there are still over 2500 homes without power. I have been in daily contact with JCP&L, Assemblyman Bucco, Senator Bucco, the Governor’s office, Morris County OEM, Verizon, Comcast and others. It is very unfortunate that much of the information provided to me by JCP&L is incorrect. It took over 36 hours for a return call from our contact “hot line” from JCP&L. I can only relate the information that I am provided. I can assure you that this will be corrected in the future. Several areas of the Township have had power restored although there are numerous “spot” outages which affects many homes. Some of the areas with partial restorations are: Wooded Valley, Spring Acres, Quail Run, Hidden Hills, Gentry Estates, Parker Acres, Wooded Valley I, Brush Meadows as well as some smaller subdivisions. I spoke with Mr. Jeff Elser (Director of External Affairs for First Energy) at 3:45 PM. He has promised me a callback this evening with accurate information. I emphasized power restoration to Old Farmers School, Middle School, Cuccinella School, and WMRHS. When power is provided to these schools, most of the residential neighborhoods should also gain power. All four substations that provide power to Washington Township are operational and the transmission lines are active. The connection of distribution lines, to the neighborhoods, is the next step in completing power restoration. I have requested JCP&L’s work schedule for Friday, as well as their work locations. These will be checked throughout the day.

As many residents are aware, schools are canceled for tomorrow (Friday). In addition, Halloween trick or treating will be on Saturday, Nov. 10th, from 1 PM to 5 PM to insure the safety of our children. I have also been without power, internet, and land lines and have issues with communication. For information, please visit the Township Website, Long Valley Patch, Observer Tribune website, WRNJ radio (1510 AM), the OEM telephone, digital sign boards, as well as Honeywell and Nexel alerts.

This is a time when neighbors and friends can use your help. Please open your doors. If you have a generator that is not in use, please let the Township know. In addition, please leave any extra water containers that you may have at the various water refill locations We’ll all get through this crisis together and then we’ll work together to make sure this never happens again to us in the future.

Best Regards,

Ken Short, Mayor


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