Utility Tree Removal & Trimming

As part of the JCP&L/First Energy vegetation management program the utility works with planners who select trees to be removed and trees to be pruned.  Planners are supervised by Arborists.  Experience has shown that regular, diligent and professional vegetation management practices assist in reducing the number of service problems and outages that customers experience.  Vegetation Management information can be found on the First Energy Website or by clicking HERE. 


The Utility  has provided the following details: 

The ground to sky standard for trimming and removal methodology is used.  The state did not provide a grant, the utility applied for a rate rider (a temporary rate hike) to do the work.  They were approved for approximately $44 million. If 25% - 33% of a tree canopy is to be removed, it is safer to remove the tree all together, but they are not targeting tree removal.   Trees are  removed if the Arborist believes it to be a hazard, that is has a structural defect, disease, cavity, severe lean, storm damage, etc.  that would make it a hazard to the utility's equipment.  Trimming or removing of trees cannot be done without express permission of the property (and tree) owner.  The planner of the project is paid by the hour and receives no monetary incentive to have trees cut down. The Planner hired by the Utility is Charles Goldy 862-210-0134 
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