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Obadiah La Tourette
BackGround Picture
Obadiah La Tourette
The Long Valley Mill

The building looms over the bustling Route 24, once called Chester Pike, just east of Long Valley center. At once, upon seeing it, you know that the mill holds a thousand stories and probably a thousand more secrets in its ancient timbers.

Aerial View of Long Valley
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Aerial View of
Long Valley in Fall

In the rolling hills of Morris County, Washington Twp is noted for preserved farmland and historic buildings. Washington Township was incorporated as a township on April 2, 1798, from portions of Roxbury Township.

5K Turkey Trot
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Turkey Trot 2017
in Long Valley

The WMC Memorial 5K Turkey Trot is a community event being held to continue the tradition of the WMC Memorial Race started 12 years ago in memory of Kyleigh D’Alessio and Tanner Birch.

Police Honor Guard 2018
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Police Honor Guard 2018
Washington Township Police Department

The mission of the Washington Township Police Department to protect life and property, enforce the law in a fair and impartial manner, and to preserve the peace, order, and safety of the community we serve.

Memorial Day Ceremony
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Memorial Day Ceremony
Rock Spring Park in 2016

Washington Township held its annual Memorial Day Ceremony to salute our brave servicemen and servicewomen who have given so much for our country at the Veterans Memorial Site at Rock Spring Park.

Zoning Enforcement

The Zoning Officer enforces the provisions of the Zoning Ordinance and is responsible for the examination of all applications for permits and the issuance of zoning permits for the commencement of a use, and the construction, reconstruction, alteration, conversion, installation of or addition to any structure or building, including accessory structures, pillars, gates and signs.

Zoning Documents

Application for Zoning Permit - Any new structure, impervious cover, or change in use. Application (pdf), apply online

Lot Coverage Worksheet - Any project that will increase the impervious coverage on a property, including new or additions to principal and accessory structures, new or expanded patios or driveways, etc. Worksheet

NJDEP Regulation Areas Release/Indemnification - Activities regulated by the NJDEP, including potential impacts to wetlands, transition areas, waterbodies, riparian zones, and flood hazard areas. Release and Indemnification

Highlands Exemption Determination Form - Located in Highlands Preservation Area and greater than 0.25 acres of disturbance. Exemption Form

Affidavit in Support of Waiver of Site Plan / Change of Use / Change of Tenant - Business moves into a new location or the use of a building changes. Application

Basement / Accessory Structure Renovation - Basement finishing or accessory structures that have electric, plumbing, and/or configurations that could be suitable for a separate dwelling unit. Affidavit

Application for Accessory Use Home Occupation Home - occupation that complies with the requirements listed in this document. Application

Application and Permit for Temporary Storage Container - Temporary portable storage unit for 60 days. Application


Zoning documents are available on the this website, on the Documents & Forms page.  Click  Here  to view all Zoning forms and documents.

Zoning Maps

Copies of the Tax, Zoning, and Street Maps are located on the Maps Page on the Township Website.

Ridgeline Protection

Is your property in the Ridgeline, Mountainside, Hillside & Viewshed Protection Area?

Ridgeline, mountainside, hillside and viewshed protection areas are designed to respond to the objective of preserving the existing predominantly unspoiled vistas of wooded mountainsides, hillsides, ridgelines and viewsheds within the Township of Washington when viewed from public areas or public open space or the public traveled way.

Check the Protection Area Map

Conservation Easements

The Township of Washington has over 600 conservation easements in place to protect plant and animal habitats, wetlands and steep slopes amongst other natural features.

Easement Information Brochure

Easement Map

Easement Inventory


Are there wetlands on your property? Wetlands are defined in the Washington Township ordinance as an area that is inundated or saturated by surface water or groundwater at a frequency and duration sufficient to support, and that under normal circumstances does support, a prevalence of vegetation typically adapted for life in saturated soil conditions, commonly known as hydrophytic vegetation. Check the wetlands Map

C-1 Trout Maintenance or Trout Productions Streams

If your property has a stream on it or near it you should know whether it is classified as a Category 1 (C-1) Trout Maintenance or Trout Production Watercourse. 

Category One waters are defined in the existing Surface Water Quality Standards rules at N.J.A.C. 7:9B-1.4 as waters protected from any measurable changes in water quality because of their exceptional ecological significance, exceptional recreational significance, exceptional water supply significance, or exceptional fisheries resources.

How does a C-1 Stream or a trout maintenance or trout productions stream impact the use of my property?

C-1 Watercourses along with trout maintenance and trout production watercourses have designated Riparian zones next to them, to protect these areas Riparian buffers are required to be maintained.

A Riparian zone means the land and vegetation within and directly adjacent to all surface water bodies including, but not limited to lakes, ponds, reservoirs, perennial and intermittent streams, up to and including their point of origin. 

A Riparian buffer is a vegetated area (a "buffer strip") near a stream, usually forested, which helps shade and partially protect a stream from the impact of adjacent land uses. It plays a key role in increasing water quality in associated streams, rivers, and lakes, thus providing environmental benefits. With the decline of many aquatic ecosystems due to agricultural production, riparian buffers have become a very common conservation practice aimed at increasing water quality and reducing pollution.

A Riparian zone means the land and vegetation within and directly adjacent to all surface water bodies including, but not limited to lakes, ponds, reservoirs, perennial and intermittent streams, up to and including their point of origin. 

A Riparian buffer is a vegetated area (a "buffer strip") near a stream, usually forested, which helps shade and partially protect a stream from the impact of adjacent land uses. It plays a key role in increasing water quality in associated streams, rivers, and lakes, thus providing environmental benefits. With the decline of many aquatic ecosystems due to agricultural production, riparian buffers have become a very common conservation practice aimed at increasing water quality and reducing pollution.

Riparian zones adjacent to all surface water bodies shall be protected from avoidable disturbance by riparian buffers and shall be delineated as follows:

  • The Riparian buffer shall be 300 feet wide along both sides of any Category One (C-1) watercourses and all upstream tributaries situated within the same watershed.

  • The Riparian buffer shall be 150 feet wide along both sides of the following waters not designated as C1 waters but are:

             a. A trout production watercourse

b. A trout maintenance watercourse

Note:  A riparian zone is an overlay to the existing zoning districts. The provisions of the underlying district shall remain in full force except where the provisions of the riparian zone differ from the provisions of the underlying district, in which case the provision that is more restrictive shall apply. These provisions apply to land disturbances resulting from or related to any activity or use requiring application for any of the following permits or approvals:

  • Building permit

  • Zoning permit

  • Planning Board/Zoning Board of Adjustment site plan or subdivision approval

The Highlands Water Protection and Planning Act

The Highlands Water protection and Planning Act was enacted on August 10, 2004 with the purpose of protecting the region's great wealth of natural resources, including the waterbodies that supply drinking water to more than half of the state's population.  The Highlands Act defined both a Highlands Preservation Area and a Highlands Plan Area. (NJDEP Highlands Council - Municipal Role to Implementing Highlands Water Protection and Planning Act)   .Highlands Map of Washington Twp. 

Major Highlands Development - The following are types of development that are classified as Major Highlands Development:

  • Any non-residential development in the preservation area.
  • Any residential development in the preservation area that requires an environmental land use or water permit from the DEP (i.e. freshwater wetlands permits, stream encroachment permits, transition are waivers)and/or results in the ultimate disturbance of 1 acre or more of land or results in the cumulative increase in impervious surface by .25 acres or more.
  • Any activity that results in the disturbance of .25 acres or more of forested area in the Preservation Area.
  • Major Highlands development shall not mean agricultural or horticultural development or use in the Preservation Area.

 Note:  All Major Highlands Development must be reviewed by the NJDEP Highlands Council.

 Highlands Exemption Determination Application

 For those persons who are proposing development related to a single family residence, exemption eligibility can be determined by the Zoning Officer (as the certified municipal official).  Click Here for the Highlands Exemption Determination Application

Disposal of Furniture

Illegal Furniture Dumping at Curbside in Washington Township has become a growing problem! Township ordinance 114-8; Storage of certain items prohibits the dumping of furniture curbside.  

It states "in residential zones, no person, firm or corporation shall store or permit the storage of any out-of-service bulky items such as appliances, furniture, mattresses or tires, except in a fully enclosed structure"  

Here are some options that are available instead:

Donate your gently used furniture to the following:

1.  Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Remodeling, cleaning out, down-sizing or just getting organized? Habitat for Humanity ReStore can help you de-clutter your home, work space or business. They put the proceeds from selling your donations to good use by building homes and hope in our community and around the world. Though each Habitat ReStore is unique, most accept donations of household goods, furniture, appliances and building materials.

Drop-Off Donations :  Bring your donations to your local Habitat for Humanity ReStore (listed below). Call ahead for hours of operation and donation criteria.  OR

Arrange a Pick-Up: Call your local Habitat for Humanity ReStore to learn about arranging a pick-up of those items too big to fit in your car. Most Habitat ReStores offer free pick-up of large items.


Washington, New Jersey

Warren County ReStore - 390 Route 57 West, Washington, New Jersey 07882   Phone: (908) 835-1980

 Washington Boro, New Jersey

Warren County HFH ReStore, 31 Belvidere Ave, Washington Boro, New Jersey 07882    Phone: (908) 835-1338

 Randolph, New Jersey

Morris HFH ReStore

274 S Salem St Ste 100, Randolph, New Jersey 07869   Phone: (973) 366-3358

 2. Salvation Army

Pick up services from the Salvation Army are available in our region all you need to do is CALL our local branch.

Local Pick-Up Services for the Washington Township area -

Salvation Army Family Store  - 24 Bassett Highway, DOVER, NJ       Phone: 1-800-SA-TRUCK

Call a trash vender for a bulk pickup request

If the furniture needs to be thrown out then you need to contact your waste disposal contractor. There is a small fee involved under their Bulk Waste agreements. These are the trash pickup companies servicing Washington Township;

 Global Waste Industries

679 Washington St, Hackettstown, NJ 07840  (908) 684-8813

Republic Services of NJ, Raritan Valley Disposal Division (formally Raritan Valley Disposal)

9 Frontage Road, Clinton, NJ 08809    (908) 534-4004

Sanico, Inc. 

77 US Hwy 46, Delaware, NJ 07833   (908) 475-3300

Waste Management

409 Rt 22 East,  Whitehouse Station, NJ    (908) 879-5616

 Bulk waste includes oversized items such as home furnishings, mattresses and box springs, carpet, appliances and other household items too large to fit in your refuse container. In some areas, it may also include yard waste or landscape debris and small quantities of home construction debris. Call the vender for specific information.

Abandoned Vehicles

The Township has received an increase in the number of complaints regarding inoperable/abandoned vehicles being parked or stored on residential properties. Please be aware of the following Washington Township ordinances which address this:


 § 200-2. Abandonment of vehicles prohibited.

 No person shall abandon a vehicle within the township, and no person shall leave a vehicle at any place within the township for such time and under such circumstances as to cause the vehicle to reasonably appear to be abandoned.

 § 200-4. Disposition of wrecked or discarded vehicles

 No person in charge or control of property within the township, whether as owner, tenant, occupant, lessee or otherwise, shall allow partially dismantled, non-operating, wrecked, junked or discarded vehicles to remain on the property longer than 48 hours; and no person shall leave such vehicles on any property within the township for a longer time than 48 hours. This subsection shall not apply to a vehicle in an enclosed building, a vehicle on the premises of a business enterprise operated in a lawful place and manner, when necessary to the operation of the business enterprise, or a vehicle in an appropriate storage place or depository maintained in a lawful place and manner by the township.

 §111-46 VEHICLE (definition)

 A machine propelled by other than human power, designed to travel along the ground by use of wheels, treads, runners or slides and to transport persons or property or pull machinery, including, but not by way of limitation, an automobile, truck, trailer, motorcycle, tractor, buggy and wagon.

 To avoid notices of violation and possible fines from the Township enforcing Township Ordinance Chapter 200 we would like to bring to your attention options that are available.

 The following are charities that accept vehicles as donations and, according to their online information, will pick-up the vehicle.  Please note, there are many other organizations that accept used vehicles as donations which can be found on-line.

 Carve out space in your garage and donate your vehicle to Avidd Community Services! Whether you give a car, truck, boat, motorcycle, or RV, we make it easy— and the pick-up is free for any vehicle you give. Our friendly Donor Representatives are available seven days a week to walk you through the process from start to finish. Call (855) 500-RIDE or visit Cars Easy, so you can schedule your free pick-up in time for a sweet 2018 tax deduction. Running or not, spooky or not— your generous donation will keep Avidd alive and BOOming.

Goodwill of New York & Northern New Jersey - Goodwill Industries empowers individuals with disabilities, and other barriers to employment, to gain independence through the power of work. Their programs enable people with disabilities, new immigrants and refugees, unemployed and underemployed, veterans and their families, ex-offenders, mature workers and underserved youth, to fully participate in society by achieving employment. For more information or to make arrangements; Call the 24/7 vehicle donation phone line at 866-492-277 or visit their web site at; to complete an online donation form under the “Donate Goods” tab.

Make-A-Wish Foundation of New Jersey – Each day Make-A-Wish® New Jersey grants the wish of a child diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition in the Garden State. They believe that a wish experience can be a game-changer. Make-A-Wish® New Jersey - 1347 Perrineville Road, Monroe Township, NJ 08831.  Call at (609) 371-9474 Toll Free (800) 252-9474. Or visit their web site;

Salvation Army: 888-999-ARMY (2769) -  or call 1-800-SA-TRUCK. Your vehicle donation will be used to help rehabilitate men and women in Adult Rehabilitation and will result in a tax deduction in accordance with IRS rules.           From their web site: “While we often accept vehicles in any condition – running or not – due to differing regulations and other considerations, not all types of vehicles are accepted at all locations, so it’s best to contact us first.” For information on our vehicle donation program, call 1-800-SA-TRUCK.

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