Street Opening & Driveway Permits

Street Opening Permits

Street opening permits and applications are handled by the Department of Public Works. The Department of Public Works may be contacted by phone, 908-876-3382, or via e-mail at [email protected].
NJ One Call - 1.800.272.1000

Before you open a roadway, please do the following.

  • Obtain an application from the DPW Office at 54 Rock Road, Washington Township.
  • Complete the application and submit the application with the $100 application fee to the D.P.W. office with the following:
    • An escrow deposit in compliance with Washington Township Code Chapter §172-32 (A,B,C or D)of the Code of the Township of Washington, NJ. The escrow deposit shall be administered in accordance with the provisions of §159-53 E and F, which provides for additional deposit requirements and the return of unused escrow deposits.
    • A construction plan showing proposed improvements and area of disturbance. The improvements must adhere to township ordinances. The construction plan must be drawn to scale and incorporate all dimensions related to the construction and excavation.
    • A traffic control plan.
    • A contractors certificate of insurance naming Washington Township as additional insured.
    • A "N.J. One Call" (1-800-272-1000) confirmation number.

The cost of the application is calculated by the Township. Please email the Superintendant, Roger Read  at [email protected]


Permit applications can be found under the DPW section of the Documents and Forms Website Page.