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Washington Township requires  Peddlers and Solicitors to obtain a permit.  Permits are issued by the Clerk's Office after applicant passes a background check.  Applications for Peddlers and Solicitors and instructions for filling can be found here.


Permitted Peddlers and Solicitors are given Photo ID's signed by the Municipal Clerk, and are required to wear them when going door to door. Peddlers and Solicitors are provided a copy of the Township No Solictiation List and required to obtain the updated list from the township website monthly.  


Residents can add their address to the Township No Solictation List via an online form.   Residents are asked to add their address only once to the list.  Lists are updated and published during the first week of each month.  The current Township No Soliction List can be found on the Documents and Forms Page of the website.


Peddlers and Solictors without a permit or those not adhering to the Township No Solictiation List are in violation of Chapter 143 of the Township Code Book.  Please contact the Police Department if you have an issue with a non compliant Peddler or Solicitor at 908-876-3232 x 0.