Alarm Registration

Alarm Forms

Washington Township Municipal Code 39-3 requires that any property having an alarm system which transmits notification to a third party of intrusion, burglary, fire, smoke, medical emergencies or other perils must be properly registered with the municipal police department. As per the ordinance the registration period is for a calendar year (January 1 – December 31). The registration fees are classified two ways. Initial registration if you have never registered your alarm with the police department at $50.00. Registration renewal is renewing a registration that you have previously made. This fee is $25.00.

In an effort to make registration and payment more convenient for property owners an online credit/debit card process has been developed. A nominal convenience fee will be charged for the transaction. ($1.00 on a renewal, $1.65 on an initial registration) Owners of properties with alarms can access: the link below to submit the registration and make the appropriate payment. This will alleviate the property owner from having to obtain the registration forms, manually fill out forms, write a check, and mail the documents. The site will capture emergency information that the police department needs in the event of an alarm activation where the police department may need to get in touch with an owner. The site will also capture an email address which will be used for making annual future reminders of the registration process. The police department will no longer be mailing reminder notices in future years.

The registration link and a step by step payment tutorial is available below.  If you should still have any questions regarding the alarm registration process please contact the records secretary, Tricia Illescas at 908-876-8310 or [email protected]