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Obadiah La Tourette
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Obadiah La Tourette
The Long Valley Mill

The building looms over the bustling Route 24, once called Chester Pike, just east of Long Valley center. At once, upon seeing it, you know that the mill holds a thousand stories and probably a thousand more secrets in its ancient timbers.

Aerial View of Long Valley
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Aerial View of
Long Valley in Fall

In the rolling hills of Morris County, Washington Twp is noted for preserved farmland and historic buildings. Washington Township was incorporated as a township on April 2, 1798, from portions of Roxbury Township.

5K Turkey Trot
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Turkey Trot 2017
in Long Valley

The WMC Memorial 5K Turkey Trot is a community event being held to continue the tradition of the WMC Memorial Race started 12 years ago in memory of Kyleigh D’Alessio and Tanner Birch.

Police Honor Guard 2018
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Police Honor Guard 2018
Washington Township Police Department

The mission of the Washington Township Police Department to protect life and property, enforce the law in a fair and impartial manner, and to preserve the peace, order, and safety of the community we serve.

Califon Road Park
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Califon Road Park
Pond at Califon Road Park

The pond at Califon Road Park is located behind the parking area for the park’s Little League field and four all-purpose fields

Memorial Day Ceremony
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Memorial Day Ceremony
Rock Spring Park

Washington Township held its annual Memorial Day Ceremony to salute our brave servicemen and servicewomen who have given so much for our country at the Veterans Memorial Site at Rock Spring Park.

Santa Program
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Santa Program
Cucinella School

At the Recreation Department’s annual Afternoon with Santa at Cuccinella School, local families enjoyed face painting, balloon animal and photos with the Santa and his helper.

Shade Tree Care


Improper mulching kills trees. Mulch should never be piled into a cone around a tree trunk. This type of mulching is referred to as a "mulch volcano". "Mulch volcanoes" waste money excess mulch and eventually lead to diseased trees.

How should I mulch my trees?

Improper mulching kills trees. Mulch should never be piled into a cone around a tree trunk. This type of mulching is referred to as a "mulch volcano". "Mulch volcanoes" waste money excess mulch and eventually lead to diseased trees.

How should I mulch my trees?

  • Start 6 inches from the tree trunk at ground level and mulch outward to the edge of the dripline to a maximum depth of 2 inches to 4 inches.
  • Keep a 2-inch to 4-inch layer around, but not touching the base of the tree. Mulch as much of the area under a tree as possible without having mulch touch the trunk.
  • Never pile-up a cone of mulch around the tree trunk! Mice, insects, and fungus may hide next to the trunk and feed on parts of the tree. The cone-shaped mulch piles and thick layers of mulch also prevent water from reaching a tree's roots. Tree roots that grow up into the cone of mulch on top of the soil cannot be healthy.
  • One layer of woven Landscape Fabric may be used under mulch in heavy weed areas. Never use plastic sheets under the mulch. Plastic sheets block the passage of air and water and stunt root growth.
  • Every spring or every other spring, rake or remove any hard crust and add only enough new mulch to maintain a 2-inch to 4-inch layer. Never build up layers of mulch by adding new mulch on top of the old mulch around a tree.

What are the best materials for mulching trees?

  • Bark chunks or shredded bark that is at least 3/8 inch in size. Pine bark will last longer than hardwood bark.
  • Pine needles
  • One-year old wood chips Leaves that were shredded and composted for at least three months

What are the worst material for mulching trees?

  • Fresh grass clippings or fresh wood chips
  • Any fresh organic mulch
  • Any organic mulch that smells bad
  • Peat moss or sawdust
  • Pebbles, rocks, or cobble stones
  • Bricks or pavement or black plastic
  • Ground-up rubber tires



NJ Division of Parks and Forestry

Tree Planting

Guidelines for Planting Trees

The Shade Tree Committee has prepared guidelines available to assist you in greening your property. They are available in PDF.

Guidelines for Planting Seedlings

If you received a seedling from The Shade Tree Committee at the 2016 Paper Shred and  Tree Recovery Program, click HERE for more information.  You will find pictures, to determine what type of seedling you have, as well as planting guidelines from the Arbor Day Foundation. 

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